Mission: Santa Cruz

Mission Santa Cruz


WWII is heating up in the South Pacific’s Solomon Islands. Yet another carrier vs. carrier battle is looming in the continuing Guadalcanal campaign. America’s valiant destroyers, the Greyhounds of the seas, are again going into battle against one of the world’s best naval forces, the vaunted Imperial Japanese Navy.

The Fletcher class USS Charles R. Trout DD-523 and sister ship, USS Thomas B. Ryan DD-524 are set to tangle with the world’s newest planes, ships, and the best torpedo of the entire war.

In the middle of it the Office of Naval Investigation pulls First class Machinist’s Mates Sean Randall and Bart Singleton from the Trout,on a mission to steal property of the Japanese Army. Before they can disappear they find themselves fighting for their lives in the jungles of Negglea Island.